Magda graduated from European Studies at Maastricht University in the Netherlands and went on to complete post -graduate studies in Coaching as well as Managing Talent in IT. She spent her first years of work in outsourcing, moving projects from the Benelux countries to Poland. Worked as a coach and led a large training team. Couple of years ago, she decided to take a risk and sign a one-year contract as Coach Akamai Technical Academy, a program for people with aptitude for technology who want to start working in the IT business. Program realized in the US, CostaRica and Krakow turned out to be a huge success and allowed Magda to move into a permanent role at Akamai where she currently holds a managerial position within the Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement team. Magda is responsible for optimizing the works of Global ERGs and is helping Akamai to become an amazing place to work for all employees.

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