Luca Condosta

Luca is an experienced and inspiring global leader with a proven track record of complex program and stakeholder management, team management, data-driven setup, and diplomatic skills to influence the organization. After severel leadership positions in Finance he's managing the community of top 12K people at ABB with reference to the leadership learning ecosystem while driving the LGBTQ+ Program globally. Takes part in:

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Szymon Martyniak

Szymon Martyniak is a psychologist (SWPS University, Warsaw) and psychotherapist during 4-year therapeutic course accredited by the Polish Psychiatric Association (Collegium Medicum, Uniwersytet Jagiellonski). He gained experience in international organizations helping people facing various challenges at work (lack of fit, lack of sense, lack of development, burnout, mobbing) and in relationships (communication problems, lack of fit, situational difficulties). He helps to build satisfying relationships with other people at work and in a relationship. He has worked with people from a variety of cultures and communities who experience challenges based on age, gender identity, sexual orientation, family status, ethnicity, education, physical and mental health. He is a member of the Polish Psychiatric Association and the Scientific Section of Family Therapy. Szymon is also an experienced leader who led Pride groups (LGBTQ+) in various multinational organisations. Takes part in:

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Rafał Dembe

D&I corporate activist. Professionally associated with international financial institutions. As a volunteer, he has been involved in initiatives related to human rights for several years. Former co-chair of the Rainbow Network at NatWest Group. One of the leaders of LGBT+ Diamonds Awards initiative. He coordinated D&I projects for the World Bank and the Council of Europe. Member of the Society of Polish Economists. Featured on the 2022 Future Leader Role Model List by OUTstanding. Takes part in:

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